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Everything you want to know about the Names Of God Bible Study

Names Of God Bible Study Info is an article I put together to give you all the information on the Bible Study in one place.

During this 31-day Bible Study, we will study 31 Names Of God.  This Bible Study is Part 1 of the Names Of God Bible Study series that we will be doing this year.

When will the Names Of God Bible Study start?

The Bible Study will start Tuesday 3 May 2022 and end Thursday 2 June 2022. The complete Names Of God Bible Study will be available at our shop soon, if you purchase the Bible Study before them, kindly send me an email and I will gladly send you the other material seeing that you will only receive Week 1 upon purchase.

What will I need for the Bible Study?

  • Bible
  • Notebook
  • Pen

The structure of the Bible Study is as follow:

We will study 31 Names Of God in the 31-Day Bible Study, meaning we will study each day a different Name.

Each day:
  • We will study one Name,  
  • History and/or background, 
  • The meaning of the Name Of God will be discussed,
  • How to apply what we learned to our own lives,
  • A promise from Scripture linking to the Name,
  • Additional Names of God linked to the Name we studied, to pray that day.
  • Every-Name will be color-coded to help us recognize to Who it belongs, The Father, The Son, or The Holy Spirit.

Color Codes Of The Pages

Orange – Names Of God The Father,

Red – Names Of Jesus Christ The Son,

Blue – Names Of The Holy Spirit.

Included In The Study:
  • You will receive with your material one page with 2 coloring bookmarks and the Names Of God we study that week that you can use in your Bible Study and prayer time.
  • You will also receive 2 coloring pages with the Names Of God we study that week that you can use in your Bible Study file/binder or notebook. 
  • Even if you don’t like coloring you can use these pages as is to add a bit of flavor and personality to your material.
Upon Purchase Of Your Bible Study Material, You Will Receive The Bible Study Methods In Four Ways When You Don’t Have Time.
Upon purchase of your Names Of God Bible Study Material Week 1 you will receive:

A Complimentary Gift!

Bible Study Methods In Four Ways For When You Don’t Have Time Material:

  • This is an 8-page A4 file to complement your Bible Study time
  • You will find a short explanation of all four different Bible Study methods as well as printables for every Bible Study method, so you can decide which one works the best for you.

You decide for yourself how you want to participate in the Bible Study:

  1. You can only read the Day’s devotional and pray the Additional Attributes,
  2. Or You can do the above and read also the Additional Scriptures in your Bible,
  3. Or you can write the Day’s Scripture and Additional Attributes in your notebook or journal,
  4. Or you can do no.1 & 2 with one of the Bible Study Methods.
  5. This Bible Study was designed in this format to make it easier for you to follow if you don’t have access to a printer, then you can simply write all the answers in a notebook or journal.
  6. If you do have access to a printer we designed and included worksheets for the Bible Study Methods you can use and print as many as you need.

Cost of the Bible Study

For the entire Bible Study, with all the Bible Study Material, and the Bible Study Methods In Four Ways Material the cost is ZAR 115.00.

To calculate how much it will cost in your currency, you can use the International Currency Converter here.

There are no costs to participate in the Online Bible Study. If you decide you will not participate in the Online Bible Study and rather use this material to study on your own, unfortunately, no refunds will be made.

It is my sincere prayer that you will be blessed beyond anything you experienced before as you learn more about God’s Names and characteristics.

Everything in Him, unto Him, and to glorify His holy Name!

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