The Beatitudes Bible Study

What Are The Beatitudes Bible Study
What Are The Beatitudes Bible Study?

The Beatitudes Bible Study was designed to explain the blessings that Jesus used to teach His disciples during His sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. 

What are the Beatitudes?

The beatitudes are the preachings of Jesus in Matthew 5 where He describes a character trait and then the reward that the person will receive who possesses that certain characteristic. 

I have been in the privileged position to do a Bible Study on Matthew 5,6, and 7 many years ago and can still remember how much it meant not only to me but also to the others who attended it. 

Therefore I decided to do a Beatitudes Series from Matthew 5 on Tabitha Blogs to equip every believer who desires to live a life that will please God’s Father’s heart with all the treasures from these teachings.

Some believe Luke was correct with his recording of The Sermon On The Mount which follows directly after the choosing of the twelve disciples.

Another interesting theory is that Matthew 5 is a collection of the teachings of Jesus written in a pattern and that the Sermon On The Mount is not a sermon that was preached on one occasion, but rather continually spoken to His disciples where they were together.

Also, some suspect that Jesus took the twelve disciples away to a secluded place where He could teach them and then teach them the beatitudes.

Whatever the truth, background, or history of the beatitudes may be, we are in a fortunate position to learn from the same teachings that Jesus taught His disciples.

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What Will I Benefit From Studying The Beatitudes?

  • You will learn directly from the teachings Jesus taught His disciples.
  • You will learn Kingdom Dynamics from these Scriptures.
  • You will know what God requires from you to receive eternal life.
  • You will get fresh insight and perspective on the Scriptures.
  • You will learn how to apply this to your own life.
  • You will learn how to recognize God’s promises to you connected to the teaching.
  • You will learn how to pray to apply the lesson to your own life.
  • By setting time aside for these studies, you will learn how to cultivate a new habit to spend time with God.

For Who Is The Beatitudes Bible Study?

It doesn’t matter what your age or gender is, the Beatitudes Bible Study is for everyone who desires to live a fruitful life and inherit the Kingdom of God.

Even if you serve the Lord for many years and know the Scriptures you can still benefit from doing it again seeing that the Holy Spirit is faithful and minister to us what He want to teach us at that moment.

How To Do The Beatitudes Bible Study

You decide for yourself how you want to participate in the Bible Study:

  1. You can only read the day’s devotional and pray Scriptural Prayer at the end of the post.
  2. Or you can do point 1 and read also the Additional Scriptures in your Bible or online.
  3. Or you can do Scripture Writing and write the Day’s Scripture in your notebook/journal.
  4. Or you can do points 1 & 2 with one of the Bible Study Methods from our Complimentary Gift – Bible Study Methods In Four Ways which you can download here.
  5. This Bible Study was designed in this format to make it easier for you to follow if you don’t have access to a printer, then you can simply write all the answers in a notebook/journal.
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How Will The Beatitudes Bible Study Work?

The Beatitudes Bible Study will be in the form of regular blog posts on Tabitha Blogs and anyone can have access to The Beatitudes Series written in a Bible Study format.

It will be like an Online Bible Study, except you will do it in the comfort of your own time and home.

If you have any questions about the Bible Study, please send us an e-mail at and we will get back to you ASAP.

I wrote the articles in a Bible Study format to give you insight and understanding of the meaning of the Scripture.

At the end of the article, I included a Let’s Get Practical section where I will explain how we can Apply it to our own lives (if you feel uncertain and do not know), a Promise from Scripture linking back to the verse that we studied, Prayer Points that will help you to get a step closer to the required beatitude, and lastly Additional Reading on the topic that you can read in your own Bibles in your quiet time with God.

If you have a busy schedule and do not want to tie yourself to a Bible Study this is an excellent solution seeing that you can do all the reading from your phone, tablet, or computer. 

All the Scripture is also linked, all you have to do is click on it and read it immediately online.

The beautiful thing about studying the Beatitudes is that you will feel so touched by the teaching that you will share it with someone else, and then you will be making disciples by teaching them what Jesus taught His disciples.

Immediately after I publish the next post in the Beatitudes Series on Tabitha Blogs I will also post the link to The Beatitudes Page to make it easier for you to have easy access to it from one place. You will also be able to access it from Tabitha Blogs.

Join me on the mountain while we sit at the feet of Jesus, learning from Him about the Kingdom of God.

Please share it on social media to equip others with these truths spoken by Jesus.

Everything in Him, unto Him, and to glorify His Holy Name!

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